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Re: XsunMono Segfault on IPC. (update)

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 02:57:16AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Why should such info be coded into an image file format (even as a side
> effect)?  It has nothing to do with representing the image!  Part of the
> problem is my ignorance of the .ras file format.  Is it basically just a
> memory dump of a region of framebuffer, and thus subject to the vagaries of
> the underlying hardware?

As far as I know, a sun raster file is a pretty simple 8-bit
bitmap. You might check the source for pnmtorast (in the netpbm
package) for more details. In any case, I had zero problems with this
file on my SS2 with CG6, or SS1 with CG3 (i.e., sun4c machines with
8-bit framebuffers).

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro@tntech.edu

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