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Re: XsunMono Segfault on IPC. (update)

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 09:24:38PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 09:51:41AM +0100, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> > FWIW, on my IPC I have exactly the same failure mode (I had run
> > strace, and was about to mail this problem this morning, when it
> > occured to me to RTFarchives).
> [...]
> > I note that a previous poster said they had a binary with Xfree86 4.x
> > support for the bw2. I'm willing to try that in the future, but would
> > rather not download it over my sucky modem connection; so if anyone
> > has a workaround (remove the offending raster file?), I'd be grateful.
> > 
> > As an aside, my x86 box displays the raster files fine...
> Hrmmmm.  Does anyone know anything about the .ras file format?  I suppose
> if they're not endianness-independent, we might have a problem.  The ones
> I'm using now came from Steve Dunham, but I don't know what kind of box he
> used to make them.
> If this is an endianness problem I'm going to become seriously enraged.

I doubt it is. Anyway, Steve used an Ultra with Gimp to create them IIRC.

Looks like to me that the read is either a) expecting a certain amount of
data and isn't getting it, or b) is just plain broken and trying to read
beyond the end of the file.

In either case, the routine is broken.

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