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Rodent on a sparc IPC

<please Cc replies to me>

	Well, after renaming the offending xbanner, X starts up
:-)[1]; only problem is, the mouse doesn't work. When the system
starts up, I get the message:
Sun Mouse-Systems mouse driver version 1.00

Which I think (from drivers/sbus/char/sunmouse.c) means that it found
the mouse OK.

Now when I start X, it complains it can't find /dev/gpmdata (which is
unsuprising given I don't have gpm installed since xserver-xsun-mono
conflicts with it), and tries /dev/sunmouse (which is the device that
sunmouse.c provides), but moving the mouse makes no difference.

I've tried two different mice and mousemats, but to no avail...

What have I done wrong?



[1]Should this be documented somewhere?
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