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Re: silo again

"John F. Davis" wrote:
> Please help.  All, I want to do is have a quick and dirty way to test newly built
> kernels.

If you don't need to multi-boot, I think you don't have to use silo. I
haven't tried this on debian, but done it on slackware; I use rdev.

rdev /vmlinuz /your/root/partition
rdev -R /vmlinuz 1

and make sure that /your/root/partition has the bootable flag set (use

Well, that's the hard way. The easiest one would be selecting "make the
hard disk bootable" on the debian's installation menu. I did that, and I
didn't have to mess around with /etc/silo.conf.


It's a small box, not unlike our other network computers except this 

has a CD-ROM in it and on the CD-ROM it has Linux and Netscape and 

some other things.
                                  Larry Ellison on NCs

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