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Re: 2.2.x Sparc xmenu kernel compile problem

Walter Keeler <wkeeler@acm.org>:

> Last night, I noticed a problem compiling kernels on my Sparc 5 using both
> 2.2.9 and 2.2.12 sources.
> The problem was related to the "console drivers" section. If I entered
> that dialog, I found that a couple of radio buttons near the bottom,
> following "enable only 8 bit fonts", did not have either the yes or no
> button selected, nor could I select either. This resulted in compilation
> errors downstream while building the kernel.

I noticed a problem like this in 2.2.7 and made a patch for it:


If you want to update the patch for 2.2.12, it's worth using a script
to check all the Config.in files for options that appear more than
once; these are the options that don't work with "make xconfig" ... if
I recall correctly and the situation hasn't changed since then.


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