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Base2_1 bootable


I plan to install Debian on a sparc 5 currently running Redhat 5.2.

Since I have no floppy or CD-drive I would like to keep the machine
bootable at all times, and I would like to install it in the following

1) Extract base2_1 on an empty ext2 partition (/dev/sda2)

2) Make redhat-silo boot the base2_1 partition

3) Install the rest of debian using for example ftp.

This seems easier than using a tftp/bootpd-server.

My Questions are: Is this a proper/acceptable way of installing the base
system? What kernel should I use (there is none in base2_1?)? Will the
redhat 2.0.35 kernel do (or is it likely to work) for the first boot?

   sincerely Gunnar Thorburn

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