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call for help with failed sparc package builds

I haven't been able to keep up with failed builds for the sparc buildd
daemon. So I'm asking for help (from maintainers and users alike) with
checking the logs and finding solutions (some are fairly simple, just
let me know). If you need access to a sparc for testing, all developers
have access to kurbick (unstable sparc). If you see your package there,
please let me know if it was a problem with the buildd or fix the
package to build correctly. If you have the inclination (and are a Debian
developer who can upload) please fix the packages and upload an NMU, plus
supply the patch and/or fix to the BTS in a bug report marked "important"
(if one does not exist and it was actually a problem with the package).

For a current list of packages that failed look at:


For logs of the failed builds see:


Please send reports to me or to the debian-sparc list if you need help.


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