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Slashem build (was: Re: call for help with failed sparc package builds)

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> let me know). If you need access to a sparc for testing, all developers
> have access to kurbick (unstable sparc). If you see your package there,
> please let me know if it was a problem with the buildd or fix the
> package to build correctly. If you have the inclination (and are a Debian

I've just build slashem on kubrick without any trouble and uploaded it
to master.

The buildlog says:

--cut in
Automatic build of slashem_0.0.5E4-4 on xia03 by sbuild
Build started at 19991002-0948
Fetching .dsc file...
Fetching source files...
Checking for already installed source dependencies...
libncurses4-dev: already installed (in sufficient version 4.2-3.2 >= 4.2-3.1)
bison: already installed
groff: already installed
flex: already installed
Checking for source dependency conflicts...
Checking correctness of source dependencies...
-- cut out

But xlib6g-dev is also needed. This is the first version of slashem
with support for X, if that means anything.

(Not on debian-sparc, please cc if more information needed)

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