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Re: Unreliable Xsun server

> I recently had the pleasure of installing Debian "sid" on my Sparc IPC,
> and aside the X missing-dev-file gotcha, I've been having no problems,
> apart from a very unreliable X server.  
> I'm using Xsun, since I have a cgthree framebuffer, however after a
> certain amount of use, X crashes very badly, taking out the console, and
> requires a reboot to resume useful work.  This occurrs on average, two or
> three times a day.  At this stage, it dosen't seem like a dodgy-hardware
> problem, since without X running, I have no reliability issues at all. 

Hmm, I too have a cg3 (though in a Classic) and it's been running without 
restart for a couple of months (the X server that is. The machine is up over 6 
months). Granted, it's use is very light. If you can find some short specific 
thing that crashes it I can try and debug it.


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