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Re: missing packages in slink (continued)

On 26 Jan 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:
> As far as I can tell, the source to the X packages are nowhere to be
> found.  They are cleverly disguised with the same name as Branden's X
> packages, but there are absolutely no sparc patches in his source.
> There are X packages with source on my site, and I have patches
> against a fairly recent version of Branden's source (pre8 of the
> package in slink), but they were developed seperately from the
> packages in slink (since the source is MIA) and need more testing.
> (My packages contain all of the patches from UltraPenguin, plus one
> that I have made myself, but I see that Jakub has added some more
> creator patches to the UltraPenguin one since then.)

Anders Hammarquist normally maintains our x-servers - he probably knows
where the source is ;)

I now find that fakeroot doesn't work for me.  I'm building this package
as root, but there's another problem needing investigation.


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