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Re: Debian Sparc installations

> > All in all,  I'm quite impressed and delighted that so much works so smoothly.
> > And I suppose I should volunteer to help in some way.  Any suggestions?
> We don't have enough testers to discover the broken packages.
> Would you want to be one of them ?
> Thanks for your report.

Not a report per se, just a note that someone else is also trying
things.  I have an LX that has been running debian/sparc since it
first got to a usuable state.  I just upgraded it to slink.  Had a
couple of problems with dependencies on packages that didn't exist at
the time (which have been fixed since)  Since then it has been working
great.  It is currently headless so I haven't tried the X stuff.  I'll
try to do a fresh install soon and give a better report.


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