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Re: Debian Sparc installations

> jed requires jed-common; the Packages listing states that this is in
> binary-sparc, but it's in binary-all.  The same applies to tetex-base, and
> several others.


They do indeed live in binary-all, but there should be symlinks in
binary-sparc.  Sounds like your mirror was broken - AFAIK, it's OK for me.

> X fails with complaints about the lack of /dev/kbd.  Is this something which
> gets made with a proper dselect installation?  I would run makedev, but I've
> noticed that the Other Distribution assigns /dev/kbd the major number 11,
> minor 0, which is scd0 with Debian, and I'd rather leave it alone until I
> know what the Right Thing To Do is.  And there's probably some marvelous
> Debian package which sets up everything correctly, anyway :-)

This does seem to be an open issue.  I had to make /dev/mouse myself, but
not /dev/kbd.

However, you don't have to supply numbers as parameters to makedev - try

./MAKEDEV kbd while root is in /dev

(or something like that)

> All in all,  I'm quite impressed and delighted that so much works so smoothly.
> And I suppose I should volunteer to help in some way.  Any suggestions?

Stay subscribe to this list, and volunteer when something comes up :)

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