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Sparcy gets a brother

Stephen J. Carpenter writes:
 > My machines refuse to boot (both my IPC and the Sparc 1)
 > I put my hard drive in HIS sparc 1 (same model as mine) and
 > type boot floppy...(both my machines refuse to do this)
 > I see a SILO prompt but...it wont boot. It complains about
 > a missing lilo.conf and not being able to read block 6. 

 I have been able to boot my Sun IPC from the boot floppies of debian.
Jute type boot floppy at the ok prompt, with the disk resc1440.bin on
the drive. After the floppy is loaded, it is ejected and I am asked to
put in the root disk (root.bin). Then it brings up the instllation
menu from which I can install debian from a NFS mounted partition (of
another NFS server)

 > I am wondering if maybe I need new floppy drives? I try on my sparc 1
 > boot fd() (BTW its ROM version is like 1.0)
 > that gives me an error...in fact test-floppy also fails but eject works fine
 > sigh...im going to try some more things when I get a chance...im
 > just sorta wondering if the boot floppy imigas are screwed?

How do you create the floppies. I just ftp the files resc1440.bin and
root.bin to a PC running DOS (note: some site gzip the file so you
have to gunzip them) then I write them to floppies with the rawrite
program. You can't use dd on a Sun (Solaris) machine because of the
volume mamager daemon.

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