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Re: Sparcy gets a brother

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:

> ok...
> At he MIT Flea Market I puyrchased another Sun Station this month.
> I got me an IPC this time. It seems faster but...
> I still can't get Linux on it :(
> I came in to see a guy I know with some SUN stations at work 
> yesterday, nd we made up boot floppies...
> My machines refuse to boot (both my IPC and the Sparc 1)
> I put my hard drive in HIS sparc 1 (same model as mine) and
> type boot floppy...(both my machines refuse to do this)
> I see a SILO prompt but...it wont boot. It complains about
> a missing lilo.conf and not being able to read block 6. 
> I am going to try the tftpboot.img when I can...but boot floppies would
> be much more convinent.

Why are boot floppies more convenient?  What are you planning to use this
thing for?  Presumably it'll be on a network.

Anyhow, if it fails the floppy self-test, you've probably got a buggered
drive.  But there *do* seem to be problems with the boot-disks at the


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