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UltraLinux (was Re: This Mailing list.)

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Shuey <shuey@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:
    Michael> I'd love to see Debian running on that, but so far
    Michael> Debian/Sparc doesn't support sun4u (UltraSparc) machines.
    Michael> The only Linux distribution I know of that will run on an
    Michael> Ultra 1 is UltraPenguin, a Redhat-based distribution.

Where's the kernel sources etc for that? I too would like an UltraDebian! :)

    Michael> There aren't many people using Debian that have sparc
    Michael> machines to being with and none of us (as far as I know)
    Michael> has an Ultra.  Of course, if you were to donate an
    Michael> UltraSparc I'm sure there would be a few people
    Michael> interested in porting Debian to it... :-)

What? Didn't yours fall off the back off a truck like everyone else's
does? :)

all coders are created equal; that they are endowed with certain
unalienable rights, of these are beer, net connectivity, and the
pursuit of bugfixes...  - Gregory R Block

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