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Re: This Mailing list.

"MS" == Michael Shuey <shuey@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

 MS>  distribution.  There aren't many people using Debian that have sparc
 MS>  machines to being with and none of us (as far as I know) has an Ultra.
 MS>  Of course, if you were to donate an UltraSparc I'm sure there would be a
 MS>  few people interested in porting Debian to it... :-)

Hmmm, that's a bit tongue-in-cheek ;)

Nicolai P Guba, BSc(Hons)		Distributed Systems Group
Managerial Professional Grade		BT Networks and Systems
BT Research Laboratories		Applied Research and Technology
Martlesham Heath, Suffolk IP3 8SR	pp B54/R73

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