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Re: Debian joning OASIS?

On 11-Mar-02, 17:53 (CST), Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote: 
> Er, Wichert is the SPI Secretary; I am the SPI Treasurer.

Oops, sorry. It was you I meant, though.

> It is Debian's right and responsibility to approve this donation.  My
> role as SPI Treasurer is twofold:
> 	1) try to ensure that it's legal for SPI to make the expenditure;

I should have been more explicit in my question:

If SPI recieves >= $1000 donations with a specific request that the
donations be spent only to purchase an OASIS membership for Debian, can
the purchase then be made w/o getting formal majority approval for the
Debian members?

> However, in the instant issue I cannot make an assessment of whether
> OASIS membership is worthwhile.  I had not even heard of the
> organization until this thread. 

They've done (or at least organized and coordinated) a *lot* of work in
the area of SGML standards and documentation.

My personal opinion is that if several of our SGML/XML knowledgeable
developers express an interest, and are willing to kick in, say, %50 of
the first year fee, then we could/should pick up the rest. After that,
I'd want to see some sort of indication that it was being put to use.


Steve Greenland

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