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Debian joining OASIS - The Procedure

Hi All,

Since I started this thread, I'm going to get the ball rolling. 

Below I summarize the two means of getting an OASIS membership for
Debian, and suggest the procedure for making it happen. 

> There is nothing stopping the interested people from paying the
> $1000 direct to OASIS on bahalf of Debian.

I believe the above (Option I) is truly the best solution, if we can
raise the necessary cabbage.

Here's one way to get it done - 

Option I: OASIS Membership via Donations Only
Explanation: A small minority of Debian members (~12) will buy an
   OASIS membership for the other 800+ members. The other 800+ members
   are under no obligation to make use of the membership, but are
   encouraged to do so. (Sorta like a free health club membership:-)


A. I pledge $250. (Done.) Mike Dorman, Tony Mancill, and possibly
   others pledge concrete dollar amounts, making sure to at least cc:
   me on all pledge messages. I keep a running total.

B. If the total reaches $1000 within a week, I arrange payment
   directly with OASIS and donors. If a week passes and the total is
   <$1000, Option II kicks in.

BTW, I can probably find external funding (in the form of no-strings
attached grants) for renewal in years following. I don't pursue that
now because I want to join OASIS ASAP.

> The only issue then is what happens if <$1000 is donated.
> But I think we are about to get a consensus on matching funds anyway.
OK, ...

Option II: OASIS Membership via Matching Funds
Part of the matching funds plan should be a document that clearly
spells out in advance what will constitute grounds for auto renewal,
renewal via vote, or no renewal.

It must also explain what is meant by the term 'renewal': renewal of
matching funds only or renewal of membership in total. Maybe suggest
defn of a term like 'smashingly successful endeavor' which would lead
to auto renewal of membership in toto -- pending approval via vote. Or
something to that effect. Also, this year's donors should not be
expected to donate to the renewal, if it occurs.

The situation I'm trying to avoid is to having someone for whom I
donated $250 to hit me with a surprise critique a year from now. Those
kind of surprises I don't like:-)


A. I report total pledge amount to as yet Unnamed Implementer of
   Option II (UIOII)

B. UUIOII determines the necessary procedure to acquire the matching
   funds. Informs the relevant parties.

C. UIOII determines to whom the donors will make their payments, and
   the acceptable forms of payment: credit cards/checks/Enron stock/...

D. UIOII contacts donors, gives them the relevant payment
   information. Donors make their donations.

E. Matching funds are acquired/pledged.

F. Somebody pays OASIS. Wild party follows. 

Can someone volunteer to get Option II done, if need be? I'm doing
Option I.


Mark Johnson        <mark@duke.edu>
Debian SGML         <mrj@debian.org>
Home Page:          <http://dulug.duke.edu/~mark/>
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