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Re: ClamAV And unrar - Bug #465207

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 01:28:58PM +0000, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Ah, that one is clamav :)
> This is likely to be a format of zip file that clamav doesn't yet
> understand how to unpack.  There are, unfortunately, lots and lots of
> formats for compression out there, and while more decompressors are
> being added to clamav all the time, we don't yet have all of them
> covered.  If you have the zip file that caused the failure, I would
> appreciate it if you could submit it to upstream's bugzilla at
> http://bugs.clamav.net .  If you don't feel like managing a new bug
> login, you can of course submit it as a Debian bug, and I'll forward it
> upstream.

I will try and find examples of those files.  The problem is that it
is on a mail server handling 80000 -  100000 deliveries per day.

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