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Re: ClamAV And unrar - Bug #465207

This one time, at band camp, Nick Boyce said:
> I'm trying to understand the situation with the Debian Volatile package 
> of ClamAV and its lack of unrar support. I just found bug #465207 in 
> which Torsten Jerzembeck asked for the package to have the ability to 
> call unrar enabled - the maintainer replied that he is unable to do that 
> because the unrar code is not redistributable ...
> But it seems to me that simply enabling the --unrar parameter of 
> clamscan would not entail incorporating or distributing any unrar code 
> at all - the code to parse the --unrar parameter and call the non-free 
> unrar binary if specified surely belongs to ClamAV alone ?

Yes, it's a known issue that I'm talking to upstream about.  If you want
to update the bug, feel free.  I really should have updated the bug
report to say:

"There is a hard coded path in clamscan that calls internal unpackers
for zip and rar before trying the specified external unpackers.  This
breaks rar and some zip scanning for no clearly good reason.  I am
talking with upstream about it."

Sorry to not be more responsive - it's not that I'm unaware of the
issue, it's that I've forgotten to update the bug report.

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