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Re: Good Day -- RR and rbl

> Since I do not tolerate any level of spam I consider it immature to run a
> "professional mailing list" like debian security so that it can be abused
> by the most stupid script kiddie.  Sorry but the impression I got so far
> is "semiprofessional". Cannot recommend it for use at work when people
> don't want to run serious/professional mailing lists.

I beleive the term you're looking for is "spammers", not "script kiddies". There wasn't any 31337 h4x0ring going on here.  

If your basis for using redhat over debian in a work environment is the amount of spam on a mailing list I think your network is in trouble. Redhat released new openssh packages on June 27th, Debian released them on June 24th. Hey, at least you don't have spam...


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