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Re: Good Day

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 08:12:56AM -0700, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> Yeah, I still get a few false positives and have had to tweak things a
> bit (adding whitelist entries, etc.)
> Something strange has happened in the past few days, however.  I
> started seeing messages that didn't appear to have gone through
> spamassassin at all.  Some of these were obviously spam.  In checking,
> I see the following happening with fetchmail:
> reading message nielsen@mail.oz.net:7 of 16 (3715 octets) ...procmail:
> Program failure (-11) of "/usr/bin/spamassassin"
> procmail: Rescue of unfiltered data succeeded
> fetchmail: MDA returned nonzero status 62720
>  not flushed
> Somehow spamassassin is failing and the message gets "rescued" by
> procmail so I see it.  These messages do not get flushed at my ISP, so
> I get them as duplicates later.  Now if I can only figure out what the
> error is....

It turned out NOT to be a spamassassin problem (whew!)

I think it was hardware-related.  I had been running spamassassin on
the Cyrix-120 box I use as my firewall (bad idea, I know) and have been
in the process of getting another box on-line for running servers and
other such stuff (besides, spamassassin on a 120 MHz machine is
s*l*o*w).  After migrating it over to the new box (1.2 GHz Celeron),
the problem went away.  It was strange, however, since the same machine
had run spamassassin for a few months without problems until yesterday.


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