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Re: Good Day -- RR and rbl

hi ya adam

most ISP will allow their clients to send outgoing email
thru their ( hopefully properly configured ) SMTP server
	- so all your outgoing emails will have an RR associated with it

- problem is that galacticasoftware.com is gonna look like its
  coming  from   mail1.foo_isp.net  instead ... which can be
  interpreted many different ways

- i think each domain should have its own dns server and mail server...
	( properly configured )

members of a list, should be able to post to the list...
even if they have broken rr and are listed ( incorrectly ) as
        member's only posting  will fix that ..

but than again ... when you do members only...
	and you're listed a user@domain.tld  ... but you tyry to
	post from user@otherbox.domain.tld... you get bounced again

	- need to configure Dj for sendmail or "SMTP hosts" for
	outgoing emails and all seems to be dependent upon
	dns files for mx and also for each mail client.. all diffferent

        - people move disks and move machines around all the time
        and rename it and upgrade or downgrade or rotate machines
        for different services

	-- more headaches than its worth ?? for large lists 
	( too many (false) bounces )

fun stuff....

c ya

-- for minimimizing spam... without negatively affecting most people..
	-- simply do a RBL lookup ....

	-- if they are listed as spammers... they cant post

	-- if they are mistakenly listed as spammers ... than they
	are now informed... that somehow, they got registered
	as a spammer in somebody's RBL list and they need tot get
	themself out of that rbl list

	-- and depending on who maintains that RBL list..
	its a major headache... all by itself...
	and an expensive legal battle too

	( so never mind... it does negatively affect lotsof people
	( if they find themslef incorrectly listed in an RBL

	- but than gain... i wanna know if and when i wind up in
	an RBL ... that i go and get myself out of it
	( happened once.... did an open relay test... it was
	( and got listed ... ;-) ... fix the problem and got out
	( out of the open realy db just as easily..

-- no simple answer... is the bottom line..

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Adam Majer wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 09:55:57PM -0700, Rafael wrote:
> > 
> > Email should never be accepted from poorly (or intensionaly baddly) setup
> > servers that do not follow RFCs.
> > 
> >         by master.debian.org with smtp (Exim 3.12 1 (Debian))
> >         id 17Ozil-0003W2-00; Mon, 01 Jul 2002 06:51:58 -0500
> > From: "Mr.Muyiwa Ige" <mugiyeg@yahoo.com>
> > Reply-To: myyige@africamail.com
> > 
> > Assuming the spam came from it would be very easy to reject 
> > it based on the fact that there is no RR in DNS for that IP.
> Don't do that please. There are a whole slew of ISPs that do not provide
> RR for some stupid little reason.
> For instance my mail is not setup correctly because I don't have a static IP
> yet. Does that mean it's spam?
> It's much better just to use spamassassin [using spamc/spamd for mail servers].

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