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Re: Mailserver HDD organization


On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 01:05:18PM -0500, Federico Grau wrote:
> > i would suggest you to use not exim. exim is a very nice MTA but the best
> > mind of security and performance is qmail!
Which is very complicated to administer and install, try postfix for 
not to big sites (a matter of taste maybe).

> > I don't want to have only one big root parition on the new server,
> > it's not recomanded, isnt' it ?
My recommendation:
/boot	20M	# with kernels at beginning of HD to avoid BIOS problems 
/	800M	# root fs. never needed more than 500M on a server

The seperate / is good in case any of the mosted used partitions get fs
corruptions so you can check them via ssh. Else you had to mount the disk
elsewhere. /var is seperated to avoid disk fillup by wild running daemons
like syslog or apache log. /usr/local or /home, as you like shoud then 
carry the web server or database or whatever the server is good for data.

/home could be /var/home or /usr/local/home in case you often do big
compiles in $HOME instead of /usr/local/src/ or similar.

good luck,


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