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Re: Mailserver HDD organization

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From: eim <eim@eimbox.org>
To: Debian-Security List <debian-security@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 7:06 AM
Subject: Mailserver HDD organization

Hallo to everyone on the Debian Sec. List,

I'm actually planing to install a new mailserver
on network, the mailserver will substitute an existing
one which runs of course Debain GNU/Linux potato and sendmail.

The new server will be a P266Mhz 128 | 65 MB Ram with 2x 8GB
IBM ULTRA WIDE SCSI HDD and oviously 100 MB network connection.

The software I plan to run on the new server is Debian Potato
with exim as MTA, mailman for the lists and some other stuff.

i would suggest you to use not exim. exim is a very nice MTA but the best
mind of security and performance is qmail!

My real problem is the HDD Organization, the actual server has
all his / (root) in RAID 1 Mirrored via software on two IBM HDD
which each one is 2 GB.

I don't want to have only one big root parition on the new server,
it's not recomanded, isnt' it ?

no it isn´t

I was thinking about a partition for /, one for boot, one for
/var/spool/mail and some other important system parts.

Has anyone real-life examples of running mailservers,
maybe some HDD organization infos, MTA infos and other
importante related know-how to run a secure and stable
mailserver on my network.

here is one:

200 users
qmail server (smtp)
qpopper 4
f-prot (virus scanner)

/ = 2 gb (300mb in use)
/home= 10 GB
/var= 20gb
/boot= 300mb

please use qmail, its really the securest MTA you can get.

Thanks for any reply,
Have a nice day...



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