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my /boot recommendation (was: Re: Mailserver HDD organization)

On Thursday, 17. January 2002 19:05, Federico Grau wrote:

> Boot is where kernels live (placed at the start of the disk for old bioses
> that cannot read far into large disks ... your bios may not need it...
> experiment if you have time).  I have "a lot" of kernels on my system, 6
> and my boot directory takes only 7 meg.  A very reasonable size for boot is
> 16 meg, 32 is surely more than you will ever need.

I had a 16 MB /boot partition until kernel 2.4 came.

I decided to use reiserfs and with that came the need for initrd images in 
/boot. When I tried to use more than 2 initrds I had not enough free 
diskspace on /boot.

And moving the other partitions around was a major problem because I changed 
my mainboard since I partitioned my drive and all tools were reporting 
geometry errors. (IDE with LBA sucks. But without it sucks harder)

When I would go for a /boot partition now, I would take 100MB. It may waste 
space in the beginning, but I would have no problems later...

( who has no longer a /boot partition because his bios doesn't need one :)

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