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Re: ssh and root

Uriah Welcome <precision@vasoftware.com> writes:

> Sorry to be off topic, but I had to reply..

I'm glad you did. The blame to become so OT is on me, please excuse.

> I'm the Sr. Systems Administrator for SourceForge.net.  We still allow
> users to download their nightly CVS tarball and they can easily download
> their web directories.. hell they can mirror their file releases via rsync
> also.. the thing they are talking about is the ability to export 'tracker'
> (aka bug tracking, etc..) information off the website.. 
> We used to have a data export tools for this, but we made a major backend
> changes (mysql -> postgresql) and some of the data types changed.  We
> honestly forgot they were there.  We had exactly 3 requests in the 6-8
> months since we made this change of people asking for this feature back. 
> It just wasn't a priority. 
> The code is OpenSource.. submit a patch.. I'm sure we'll take it..

Thank you for your reply,

PS: I'll stop now, it is very interesting but probably too much OT.

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