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Re: ssh and root


> BTW: I would prefer to keep the main cvs repository local and copy
> (rsync ?) it to the foreign sever, if that's possible.  Or would this
> confuse cvs on the other server?  Would I have direct write access to
> 'my' files in the (foreign) repository or only over cvs?  Hints welcome.
(I only know about SF) I don't think you can rsync the SF CVS. You can
import your files in, but you don't have a full control on your files:
you can't remove directories from your CVS tree, and you can't change
file permissions on your files (be careful if you commit script or
executable). For both, you'll have to submit a request to SF team. And
you don't have ssh access to SF CVS servers AFAIK (only to users

Benoît Sibaud

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