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Re: ssh and root

Benoît Sibaud <benoit.sibaud@rd.francetelecom.com> writes:

>> BTW: I would prefer to keep the main cvs repository local and copy
>> (rsync ?) it to the foreign sever, if that's possible.  Or would this
>> confuse cvs on the other server?  Would I have direct write access to
>> 'my' files in the (foreign) repository or only over cvs?  Hints welcome.

> (I only know about SF) I don't think you can rsync the SF CVS. You can
> import your files in, but you don't have a full control on your files:
> you can't remove directories from your CVS tree, and you can't change
> file permissions on your files (be careful if you commit script or
> executable). For both, you'll have to submit a request to SF team. And
> you don't have ssh access to SF CVS servers AFAIK (only to users
> server).

>From what one hears about current changs in SF politics it is
questionable if nowadays one should not prefer savannah anyway.

See for example:

Let me cite one line from there:
'Features for exporting a project from SourceForge have been removed.'
I don't like this!

Thank you for your answer.

Robert Epprecht

> Benoît Sibaud

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