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Re: ssh and root

Vineet Kumar <debian-security@virtual.doorstop.net> writes:

> * Robert Epprecht (epprecht@sunweb.ch) [011208 02:31]:
>> I need ssh to access some cvs servers. [ ... ]

> I'm not sure I completely understand your situation, [ ... ]

nor do I ;-)   That's why I ask...

Actually I want to do *two* different things (my question was about #1):
1) I want to access a (foreign) cvs server and store the files locally
under /usr/local.  From the answers I've got here I think the way to do
this is to set up a user to do the cvs down-loads and add him to group

2) I am writing a program with a local cvsroot but am planing to upload
the cvs tree to a server like savannah or sf.  AFAIK this is done over
ssh, which I'm not familiar with.  I try to have my setup right, not to
bother the people there with my beginners questions.

BTW: I would prefer to keep the main cvs repository local and copy
(rsync ?) it to the foreign sever, if that's possible.  Or would this
confuse cvs on the other server?  Would I have direct write access to
'my' files in the (foreign) repository or only over cvs?  Hints welcome.

> Again, I don't understand exactly what you're trying to do, so forgive
> me if some of these clues are irrelevant.

I have found your explanations very interesting, including the parts that
do not really map to my current situation.

> If you're trying to access something for which you need root on the
> remote machine,


[ interesting stuff snipped ]

> Just ask if you need more help setting it up.

Thank you.  I fear I *will* have some more questions...

Robert Epprecht

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