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Re: gnupg problem

On 01-06-18 Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> In fact, the only reason mailcrypt is in contrib is that it adapts to
> the patent-restricted versions of gpg/pgp software.  As far as its use
> with gpg, it belongs in main.

Would you please check the next time either your box running unstable or
packages.debian.org? If you had done this before, you would have
noticed, that mailcrypt from stable also offered an interface to PGP
(pgp-i, pgp-us and pgp5i are the matching debian packages, which have
been in non-free and maybe still are there). But this has been changed
since quite some time, so that that mailcrypt from testing or unstable
only support GnuPG. Therefor the package has been moved into non-us/main
and is residing there. Thanks for clarifing your facts before.

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