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Re: ISPs offering ssl-encrypted e-mail?

> Dear Philippe,
> Mutt must be a female dog (no macho touch inteded). Technical people love it
> and, once you have it configured, it is nice to use.  ... once ... once ...
> once in the future.
> I just got tired trying to get it configured and reverted to kmail.
> Anyway, this isn't my question. But I will be happy to send you mails with
> mutt if you prefer.

That isn't my question either. 
Would you have taken time to read my email you would have understood that it
was a totally off-topic question. But since many people on this list pgp-sign
their messages I'd like to check the signatures of mails from kmail.

I don't mind you using kmail or mutt or outlook or whatever. 

As you can see, someone understood my question. But, you know, "security guys" 
are paranoid, aren't they ?

Thank you guy who pointed me that trick with procmail to add the proper headers.


> Salatations,
> Lucien
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