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Re: ISPs offering ssl-encrypted e-mail?

At 20:03 2.2.2001, A. L. Meyers wrote:

Dear fellow Debianites,

People talk a lot about security on the net but my efforts to find an ISP
offering e. g. ssl-encrpypted e-mail services have been met by dismal
responses to date, even in the country with the thickest computer population
(ratio computers / humans) in the world: Switzerland.

Even with "big, professional" ISPs, it was rare among "technical" staff to
find someone who even understood the question. One comment was: "Even if
it's encrpyted to here, how should we do the rest of the route?"

Since more than 95 % of the users I know do not use pgp or gpg, will e-mail
privacy on the web remain wishful thinking?

Any suggestions?

Best regards,


No. Even PGP is bit dubious. I tried to use i with my Windows 2000,
but the one persons GnuPG public keys  I'd might have actually
needed didn't import to my Freeware PGP at all. With other GnuPG keys I also had
problems, with errors reported when importing them.

I tested also with Windows 98, and same there. Non GnuPG keys
seem to import without a fuss.


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