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Re: MAJ Debian

On Friday 02 February 2001 19:49, NDSoftware wrote:
> Where i can find a software for check the packages update ?
> And update the security package.
> thanks
> Nicolas DEFFAYET, NDSoftware
> http://www.ndsoftware.net - ndsoftware@ndsoftware.net
> France: Tel +33 671887502 - Fax N/A
> UK: Tel +44 8453348750 - Fax +44 8453348751
> USA: Tel N/A - Fax N/A

Dear Nicolas,

Trust you are using the Debian distribution.

Log in as root or su.

Look at the file:

/etc/apt/sources.list  (perhaps with ~ if you have changed it)

Uncomment (remove the # and the blank) at the beginning of the lines 
referring to deb and http.// and or ftp:// sites (including security).

Read /usr/doc/apt/*.

You must be connected to the internet.

Type something like:

apt-get update

to update your apps database.

Type something like:

apt-get dist-upgrade

or just

apt-get upgrade

You will probably also want to study the docs on dselect.


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