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IPTables, IRC, and SSH

I have every ruleset for my firewall set how I want it... except for IRC and ssh...

I would like to use the state-tracking for IRC, but simply having the --state established,related (and new... but I don't think that's necessary) --sport irc(d) options doesn't seem to do anything...

I can connect TO the IRC server, but it won't allow a login. I've read that it has something to do with ICMP, but I don't know exactly what, nor how to fix it.

Second - SSH - I would like iptables to accept incoming connections to OpenSSH, but from a specific domain (myschool.edu). However, I don't know the IP range for the domain, nor do I know how to set IPtables to allow connections from only that domain. For that matter, I have only been able to have incoming SSH connections when iptables allows ALL incoming connections. So what commands do I need to use for SSH? (Again, with state tracking would be preferred).



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