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Re: Becoming a package maintainer and best practices for porting RPMs from Fedora

On 08/06/2020 21:04, Qianqian Fang wrote:
from browsing some of the existing repos, it appears that the package repo contains all upstream source files (with the addition of the debian/ folder), which is different from Fedora (upstream source package is separate from the .spec and patch* files).

Either including or not including the upstream files is allowed, but including them is usually preferred, unless they are very large.

If they are included, the packaging repository should have a branch with upstream files only, and a branch with upstream+debian. The upstream branch can be tarball imports (one commit per release) or a clone of the upstream repository (detailed history).

(And yes, it is a known issue that having so many choices can be confusing, particularly to beginners.)

The git-buildpackage tool can help you with this.

if I am willing to be the maintainer of my own packages, do I still need to find a package sponsor (given I am not a maintainer yet)?

Yes: the access levels are

sponsored maintainer (named in Maintainer: or Uploader: of a debian/control but can't upload)
Debian Maintainer (can upload their own packages)
Debian Developer (can upload any package, including as a sponsor)


from the above link, one of the paths is to "Join a packaging team", for example, how do I "join" debian-science or DebianMed?


4. submit an ITP bug

Where possible, this should be the first step; otherwise correct.

sorry, forgive me for asking these basic questions.

It's arguably a bug that this information is so hard to find.

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