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Re: Becoming a package maintainer and best practices for porting RPMs from Fedora

On 6/5/20 3:44 AM, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
Not that I'm aware of.  (The package 'alien' can install RPM binary packages on Debian, but does not convert source packages.)

any best practices guide for creating a package?
any links/steps on how to become a maintainer would be fantastic. Any one willing to mentor me would be great!

(Non-trust warning: wiki.debian.org is an anyone-can-edit site)

thanks Rebecca.

I went through the tutorials and also checked out a few existing packages to learn my way towards using the new packaging commands (did this long time ago when pre/postinst were used).

I picked one of my projects (https://github.com/fangq/zmat) to get started, currently, I managed to create all basic packaging files (3 subpackages, zmat/zmat-dev/octave-zmat)


I have a couple of questions regarding finishing up the package, including the appropriate octave packaging commands, file permissions etc, but I am not sure if I should post those here or to other lists, debian-mentor for example.

Moving forward from here, I would like to know

1. is there a package review process? how do I initiate it?

2. do I need to create a bug request on prospective packages (https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/) ?

3. related to the above question, is there an overview of a new package submission procedure online?

forgive me if these were answered somewhere in the links you provided.



General (possibly out of date):

Relevant teams:
https://neuro.debian.net/ (possibly inactive)

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