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Re: Becoming a package maintainer and best practices for porting RPMs from Fedora

On 6/8/20 5:44 PM, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
Either including or not including the upstream files is allowed, but including them is usually preferred, unless they are very large.

thank you so much Rebecca. very helpful.

will start working on the packaging files, and send my packaging-related questions to the mentors/octave lists (also submitted my access request on salsa - although it did not ask me to write anything).



If they are included, the packaging repository should have a branch with upstream files only, and a branch with upstream+debian.  The upstream branch can be tarball imports (one commit per release) or a clone of the upstream repository (detailed history).

(And yes, it is a known issue that having so many choices can be confusing, particularly to beginners.)

The git-buildpackage tool can help you with this.

if I am willing to be the maintainer of my own packages, do I still need to find a package sponsor (given I am not a maintainer yet)?

Yes: the access levels are

sponsored maintainer (named in Maintainer: or Uploader: of a debian/control but can't upload)
Debian Maintainer (can upload their own packages)
Debian Developer (can upload any package, including as a sponsor)


from the above link, one of the paths is to "Join a packaging team", for example, how do I "join" debian-science or DebianMed?


4. submit an ITP bug

Where possible, this should be the first step; otherwise correct.

sorry, forgive me for asking these basic questions.

It's arguably a bug that this information is so hard to find.

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