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RFC: Changing the debian system default BLAS/LAPACK implementation

Hi Science team,

It's needless to introduce the importance of BLAS/LAPACK to you. Let me
directly put forward the question:

  Are we satisfied with the performance of default BLAS/LAPACK provider?
  (which is exactly netlib, without optimization)

  Should we change the system default?

I can think of two kinds of solutions, as listed below

(type 1) let's bump the global default

Here is the dependency template used by dpkg-shlibdeps when generating the .deb files.
If we change the template, all the reverse dependency will have a
updated list of providers.

Currently the template is:
  "libblas3 | libblas.so.3"

An updated template may looks like this:
  "libopenblas0 | libblis3 | <...> | libblas3 | libblas.so.3"

(type2) leave the flexibility to individual maintainers

In this way I can implment a lintian check: When a blas/lapack reverse
dependency does not Depends, nor Recommends/Suggests some faster
implementations, the lintian check produces a info saying the details
about performance.

And the package maintainers decide what to use. e.g.

 Package: foobar
 Depends: libopenblas0 | libblas3 | libblas.so.3
 Recommends: libmkl-rt [amd64]


Which way do you prefer?

Ack: GSoC2020

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