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Re: Becoming a package maintainer and best practices for porting RPMs from Fedora

On 6/8/20 3:00 PM, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:

This is a library, so the binary package names should probably be libzmat0/libzmat-dev/octave-zmat.  I have not checked the rest of the package.

It's generally recommended, and in some teams required, that packaging repositories be hosted on https://salsa.debian.org, not with upstream.

got it. I just registered an account on salsa.

just a few quick follow up questions

from browsing some of the existing repos, it appears that the package repo contains all upstream source files (with the addition of the debian/ folder), which is different from Fedora (upstream source package is separate from the .spec and patch* files).

is there any preference in terms of how to manage upstream source files on salsa? for example, I can

1. clone my upstream git repo (including history) from github to salsa, and then add the debian/ files in a special packaging branch, and then keep syncing/merging with the upstream after each release, or

2. just upload a snapshot of each new release and keep it separate from the upstream source history, or

3. directly add those debian/ packaging files to upstream code tree and clone it to salsa.

Yes, and probably by posting to the team's mailing list: https://mentors.debian.net/sponsors (As you have a Git repository, you probably don't need to actually upload to mentors.debian.net - I never did.)

if I am willing to be the maintainer of my own packages, do I still need to find a package sponsor (given I am not a maintainer yet)?

from the above link, one of the paths is to "Join a packaging team", for example, how do I "join" debian-science or DebianMed? or the packaging team is separate? the "how to join" section of this webpage loops back to this mailing list.

Yes, an ITP bug: see https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for how to do this.

just to straighten my thoughts, in general, to contribute a new package to Debian as a prospective new package maintainer, I need to

1. create drafted packaging files from the intended upstream release tarball

2. upload to salsa

3. email debian-mentors mailing list to get someone review it and fix the issues

4. submit an ITP bug

5. ask sponsor to submit the package on your behave

6. going through a separate process to become a maintainer? (or it coincides with this submission process and I will become a maintainer once the package is approved?)

sorry, forgive me for asking these basic questions.


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