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Re: Again Git help needed

On Sun, 22. Jul 01:23, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > I never created one: I created an empty repository and then immediately
> > the listed branches. So, as long as the master is not created, it does
> > not exist :-)
> I'm to uneducated about Git to give advise or vote for some rules but
> I'd pretty sure that we *should* define some rules about this in Debian
> Science policy.  We somehow need to relay on certain rules.
> > Maybe, debian should just point to HEAD...
> Whatever - it would really help if the gatherer would find the debian/
> dir on HEAD.
I found this in the Debian Science Policy[1]:
The next step only applies if you do not use the "master" branch for storing you
debian work. In this case, the HEAD reference in the repository has to be set to
point to the branch you are going to push to the repository, or cloning will
fail. Assuming your Debian-specific changes are stored in a branch called
"debian", do:

$ echo 'ref: refs/heads/debian' > HEAD


[1] http://debian-science.alioth.debian.org/debian-science-policy.html#idp6786848

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