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Re: Again Git help needed

On Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 10:57:18PM +0200, Olе Streicher wrote:
> > No sign for a master branch. Thats why I assume it's not working.  You
> > can try pointing Head to another branch. But were did the master
> > branch go?
> I never created one: I created an empty repository and then immediately
> the listed branches. So, as long as the master is not created, it does
> not exist :-)

I'm to uneducated about Git to give advise or vote for some rules but
I'd pretty sure that we *should* define some rules about this in Debian
Science policy.  We somehow need to relay on certain rules.
> Maybe, debian should just point to HEAD...

Whatever - it would really help if the gatherer would find the debian/
dir on HEAD.
Kind regards



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