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Re: Bug#682205: ITP: heasoft-fv -- General FITS file browser/editor/plotter with a gui

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 02:12:31PM +0200, Olе Streicher wrote:
> Astronomy. It already has the "fv" package listed which would be
> replaced by this package.

OK, this was solved by Thibaut.

> However, it is not a short-term approach since
> the package is again quite messy (like saods9) and originally uses
> private copies of tcl, tk, itcl, itk, iwidgets and many others. If it
> turns out that it does not work well with the current versions, I will
> stop the packaging project.

No problem with this.  It is sometimes the fate of our packages.  However,
the sense of mentioning packages which we are working on inside the tasks
has the sense to inform people about the status of the packaging.  This
would work but it seems something is broken with the heasoft-fv Git archive.
Neither the machine-readable gatherer (noch me after manually cloning it)
can see any debian/ dir.  Are you sure you did a `git push --all` ?

Kind regards



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