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Re: Again Git help needed (Was: Bug#682205: ITP: heasoft-fv -- General FITS file browser/editor/plotter with a gui)

On Sat, 21. Jul 21:38, Andreas Tille wrote:
>    wagner:/git/debian-science/packages/heasoft-fv.git$ git show HEAD:debian/changelog
>    fatal: Invalid object name 'HEAD'.

Just checked:

$cat /git/debian-science/packages/heasoft-fv.git/HEAD 
ref: refs/heads/master

$ls /git/debian-science/packages/heasoft-fv.git/refs/heads
debian upstream  upstream+dfsg

No sign for a master branch. Thats why I assume it's not working.
You can try pointing Head to another branch. But were did the master branch go?


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