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Re: RE : RE : RE : RE : RE :cctbx debian package

On Sat, 14. Jul 13:31, Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca wrote:
> did he answer to your mail about mmdb, clipper and gpp4 ?
No he didn't.
> you should fix the clipper package then
> 1) fix the watch file so we can check faster about new upstream version.
> 2) see if some repackaging was done ob the ubuntu package
> 3) check with the upstream about the right way to compile clipper with or without cctbx.
I don't think there is an upstream package where this directory is in. So I
don't think we can fix the watch file. I can contact upstream to see whats the
reason for the absence of this directory.
> I am quite busy now with the pan blend, can you work on this clipper issue ?
> Maybe you should add thoses information in the ITP of clipper and the cctbx wiki.
I'm on it..
> do you have a reference or it is just from reading the code.
> could you add all these information into the wiki. that way we will not loose thoses informations.
I just read the code and I'm not quite sure if I totally understand it.


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