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RE : RE : RE : RE : RE :cctbx debian package

> they are using an older clipper version ?

> OK, I think I know what the problem is. I was using the wrong includes but when
> I use the systems include I'm missing some header files.
> clipper/cctbx/clipper_cctbx.h
> I quickly searched the web and found this[1]. Looks like it's a header from
> upstream but he didn't include the "cctbx" directory in his upstream packages.
> This is weird. Since he included:
> clipper_cctbx.h
> And this file is just including:

> #include "clipper/cctbx/clipper_cctbx.h"

> Looks to me like an upstream bug and we should discuss with Morton to see if we can include
> that directory into the package.

did he answer to your mail about mmdb, clipper and gpp4 ?

you should fix the clipper package then
1) fix the watch file so we can check faster about new upstream version.
2) see if some repackaging was done ob the ubuntu package
3) check with the upstream about the right way to compile clipper with or without cctbx.

I am quite busy now with the pan blend, can you work on this clipper issue ?
Maybe you should add thoses information in the ITP of clipper and the cctbx wiki.

> I was also reading up about the ANN lib problems. Looks like they are linking
> symbols into libann from cpp files that are generated by:
> annlib_adaptbx/libtbx_refresh.py
> And they call it:
> "Generating C++ files for self-inclusive approximate nearest neighbor"

do you have a reference or it is just from reading the code.
could you add all these information into the wiki. that way we will not loose thoses informations.



[1] http://www.ysbl.york.ac.uk/~cowtan/clipper/doc/cctbx/clipper__cctbx_8h_source.html

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