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RE : RE : RE : RE :cctbx debian package


> I don't think we need this, because we are not installing the shlibs into
> /usr/lib during the build I'm using a prefix. This "warning" always happen when
> you run "libtool --mode=install", it's more like a reminder then a warning.
> We could run that command at the end but I don't think this is necessary.
> This is more important if the upstream had an install target.

ok for now their is only a build target. We need to install the library by hand using the Debian install infrastructure (the .install files)

> I add also the boost_python problem on the wiki.
> I'm sorry but I don't really understand to which problem you mean.

the name of the boost_python library depends on the python runtime. I just added the name information to the wiki page.

> I wasn't able to work much on the "use-system-libs" option the last few days.
> But one think is clear now. I can only do this for libclipper and libboost*
> libraries. As far as I can tell it's working good for libboost* but libclipper
> gave me some compilation errors. I have to investigate this.

they are using an older clipper version ?

See you


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