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Re: Proposal: Debian Science mailing lists

On 06/22/2011 02:36 PM, Brett Viren wrote:
> Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
>> While I *personally* do not have a problem with the current situation I
>> agree with Sylvestre that currently debian-science@l.d.o is not kind of
>> missing link between developers and users.  Because I think we should
>> establish such a place and this list seems to be a good candidate it
>> might be reasonable to move pure packaging related questions to the
>> Alioth list.
>> However, I do not see a practical way to force this policy on list members.
>> So writing it explicitely down in the Debian Science policy document and
>> kindly directing people to the other list might be a good idea but there
>> is no way to forbid packaging questions here.
> Hopefully not muddying the waters, but a new "debian-science-users" list
> could be created and "debian-science" left for package concerns (or
> package/user overlap?).  The new list would have the advantage of being
> explicitly user-centric in name.  It would also be a fresh place to
> intice back any users that may have left this list due to the increased
> focus on packaging.
> The downsides are having yet-another-list, and that purely user-oriented
> folks that are still here would need to move.
I very much feel with Andreas and Bret. If the list is just a mere subset
of what we see today, then we don't need it. But, from what I udnerstad,
the list is about the very contrary. So, I suggest that if the list is
going to
be created then to go a step further and call the new list plainly
not "debian-science-user".

The professional side of mine does not care much about such Debian
lists. When Debian is useful, then it will just be mentioned no matter
by whom the list may be run.  Where I see the list to have the potential
for some invaluable tremendous use is in communication of whatever
scientific aspect in a hackish "proof at home" kind of spirit. So, we'd
not only bring the software scientists run to every hobbyist, but also
spread some sparkling glimpse on how to use it.

Just to see how it goes - go with it.


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