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Re: Proposal: Debian Science mailing lists

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

> While I *personally* do not have a problem with the current situation I
> agree with Sylvestre that currently debian-science@l.d.o is not kind of
> missing link between developers and users.  Because I think we should
> establish such a place and this list seems to be a good candidate it
> might be reasonable to move pure packaging related questions to the
> Alioth list.
> However, I do not see a practical way to force this policy on list members.
> So writing it explicitely down in the Debian Science policy document and
> kindly directing people to the other list might be a good idea but there
> is no way to forbid packaging questions here.

Hopefully not muddying the waters, but a new "debian-science-users" list
could be created and "debian-science" left for package concerns (or
package/user overlap?).  The new list would have the advantage of being
explicitly user-centric in name.  It would also be a fresh place to
intice back any users that may have left this list due to the increased
focus on packaging.

The downsides are having yet-another-list, and that purely user-oriented
folks that are still here would need to move.


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