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Proposal: Debian Science mailing lists


I would like to propose a change in the way we use our mailing lists.

== Current status ==
For now, we, Debian Science, have two mailing lists:
* debian-science@lists.debian.org
* debian-science-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org

The first one is used for both scientific/it questions but also
packaging related discussions.
While the second is mainly used for the bug reports and commits.

I have the feeling that the main mailing list
(debian-science@lists.debian.org) is more and more used for packaging
purposes. And, most of the time, users do not care about packaging
discussions. I am afraid that science-focused users might get bored by
our packaging discussions.

== Proposal ==

I would like to propose the following:
* move all packaging related discussions to
* use debian-science@lists.debian.org only for user oriented discussions
* make sure that all the commit mails are sent on

Any comments / opinions ? 


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